The Art of

Speech & Persuasion

Dr. Michelle Stein Teer

Convince, Influence, Lead Change

Whether you are a Politician speaking to the nation,

an Online Educator or an Entrepreneur facing a virtual sales pitch,

an Executive presenting an idea at a conference,

or an Engineer trying to convince her team leader to accept her recommendations –

The Art of Rhetoric is a Must-Have Technique for You

“Rhetoric is
a technique to develop persuasive messages
and a tool for governing.”

– Aristotle –

?What Do You Learn

Theory & Practice in Rhetoric Art


The Corona crisis led many of us to virtual communication. Beyond the features of this or that application, we must also learn the techniques that enable us to successfully persuade & manage discussions in our global virtual world.

& Storytelling

Learn how to write & edit your thoughts & stories as you would speak them. Find your natural personal inner voice & spice it up with various rhetorical techniques that add value to your words & memorable moments to your audiences.

Say “Yes” to Every Opportunity


How do you keep students connected to your lessons from afar? Teachers & lecturers with awareness of camera language & framing, digital visibility & innovative techniques can perfect their virtual communication.


What Makes a Speech Effective? Learn how to communicate persuasively both verbally & nonverbally. Present yourself and your ideas to the world in a convincing, bold & authentic personal style.


The Personal Communication Profile method represents our rhetoric & cognitive behavior. It helps us to better understand people by deciphering their extraordinary verbal & nonverbal patterns. We can all transform into Peoplewatchers.

of Intelligences

People use a SPECtrum of at least four main Rhetoric Intelligences that help us perfect our rhetoric art in every situation. Each color represents a different style of communication recognizable via verbal & nonverbal behavior.


Learn how to create powerful presentations, using visual aids as an inspiring & supportive setting. Your performance is the main thing in the show, but creating insightful visuals perfects your audiences' experience both publicly & virtually.


Rhetoric, the art of speech & persuasion, is a part of any human interaction. Learn how to create the most effective interpersonal version of yourself, by being more aware of verbal & nonverbal cues at home or at work both publicly & virtually.


Understanding Camera Language & knowing Media Secrets, enable us to perfect our televised performances while controlling the time frame, objections & challenging questions.

Let’s Strengthen that Courage Muscle


Stage & camera fright lead women ten times more often than men to avoid public speaking, leading to unequal presence in many important fields of life. Awareness of gender behavior is an important key in changing this situation.

Rhetoric Art at IDC

Seven weeks of intensive training, provide you with a vital set of tools for effective speech and persuasion. These new acquired skills support your arguments in every type of communication process online & offline.

Evening class 17:00-21:00

Evening class (English) 17:00-21:00

Evening class  17:00-21:00

Evening class 17:00-21:00

The Team

Rhetoric Academy Founder & Director

Head of the Rhetoric Art Prestigious Executive Program at IDC. Scholar & Professor at the Communication MA program at IDC, Bar Ilan & Tel Aviv Universities. Established her company in 2003, and since then has trained thousands of people from all fields of life, including many well-know public figures. Provides Bilingual Rhetoric Mentoring English-Hebrew Online & offline in Government, Business & Academia.

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Acting in front of the Camera

According to Ruthie Dytches

Written by Michelle Stein Teer

Good actors create the impression that acting is an easy & simple & thing but to create magic, extensive preparations are required. In this book, the first of its kind in Hebrew, you will find practical techniques & tips for successful performing in front of the camera. 

Ruthie Dytches, the first teacher in the field in Israel, offers practical tools for actors who aspire to train themselves in film & television. Directors will find effective ways to build a creative and collaborative relationships with their actors, producing the best of every rehearsal while providing clear & accurate directing instructions. Politicians & interviewees will benefit from this extensive collection of media training tips and advice.

Ruthie & I published the book in 2003, when our target audiences included mainly actors, directors & politicians, and no one heard yet about TED lectures. Two decades later, the book is more relevant than ever to professionals from all fields of life. In the Corona age, anyone who communicates online can use this wonderful set of tools that deciphers the secrets of television & film, giving us the techniques for persuasive performance in front of the camera.